Uncertainty… it’s everywhere we look!

How do you deal with it to ensure your business thrives?

2020 – what a year so far!

I bet none of us sat there on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day and predicted this! And then, just when we think we’re getting used to it – lock down is over, we can go back to work in offices, factories, schools and more, we can shop (with masks on) etc.

Then, it all changes again – Covid-19 cases spike and we are back to “work from home if you can” and there might be another lockdown, and in certain local areas we have “don’t meet anyone from outside your household…” – it’s a constantly moving picture as we adapt to reduce deaths and minimise the impact of Covid-19.

So what does that mean for you and your business? 

Well that really is going to depend on your sector and circumstances – but it’s also going to depend on YOU and how you adjust and your attitude. Are you going to let the changes grind you down, or are you going to seize control and react to the changes in a positive way?

Now, I’m not pretending the reality isn’t there, I understand times might be very tough – but if we just sit back and keep doing what we’ve always done when the world changes, we are likely to end up with even less than we did before, never mind getting what we always got!

As Marshall Goldsmith, an American Executive Leadership Coach and Author, said on a call last night – I paraphrase,

“Sometimes neither option is a great option – there’s a bad option and a worse one, our job as the owner of the business, as the leader of ourselves and our business, is to make the choice and communicate the decision and direction to everyone who needs to know – our teams, our clients, our suppliers and other stakeholders.”

And I firmly believe this is true.

Now, more than ever, before we need to lead our teams and our businesses, we need to make the difficult choices that will make the future the best it can be. And most importantly we need to communicate that – we need to be strong and show our teams the way, accepting that as things change again, the direction may need to change again.

So what else is going to help you to succeed and end 2020 on a high with a great business?

  • Get to grips with the numbers of your business – understand what you have and what you can grow.
  • Understand your current market, how it is changing and what new opportunities there are.
  • Be prepared to act when you see the opportunities.
  • Get in control of your mindset – focus on the things you can change, that are within your control.
  • Take action now rather than waiting!

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